What to Expect in Treatment

Malu Counseling works with adults over the age of 18 to improve their mental health.  Both individual and couples counseling are available.  Malu Counseling utilizes an integrated approach of evidence-based practices in psychology.  Clients can expect to learn techniques and coping skills from cognitive-behavioral, choice, and humanistic therapies.


My goals in therapy are to collaborate with my clients to help them reach their full potential and to improve their quality world.

Depression and Anxiety

Perhaps the most common reasons for starting therapy are due to feelings of sadness, loss of interest, and stress.  I look forward to working with you through these negative emotions so that you can feel more like yourself again.

Sex Therapy

Whether clients are exploring their sexual and/or gender identity, experiencing dissatisfaction in their sex lives, or would like to learn how to reconnect with their partner(s), I will support you on your journey.

Geriatrics and Older Adulthood

As we age, new concerns arise related to our abilities, financial stability, and loss of loved ones.  I hope to encourage you as you find joy in life once again during this new transition.


Common client goals include: relieving depression/anxiety, adjusting to transitions, improving self-confidence, and building healthy relationships.